Operation Cost Saving Secret-The alternative
fuel preparation system from paper mill waste
fand industrial waste

How to deal with more than one hundred thousand tons of paper waste a year?


Why is the solid waste disposal fee so high for enterprises every year?


With coal prices high, will it be difficult for the cost of burning coal to come down?


Enterprise operating costs are difficult to control, coupled with the call for carbon emission reduction, how should the paper mill get rid of the difficulties of paper waste and coal cost?


Let's take a look at how the paper industry has solved these problems.

1)、The disposal secret of solid waste management

Disposal difficulties:


The difficulties in the treatment of paper mill waste and industrial waste lie in the complex composition, metal and other impurities, which require high load of terminal incineration boiler, low burnout rate and low thermal efficiency.


Disposal method:


The whole processing system is combined with modular, integrated and automated equipment. Through the two-stage shredding concept developed by Harden , iron metal is removed by magnetic separator, and heavy material mixture is removed by wind shifter. Finally, solid recovered fuel with a size of about 80mm and a water content of about 13% is prepared.


The calorific value of solid recovered fuel: 4000-5000 kilocalorie


Daily throughput capacity: 1000 tons


2)、Operation cost saving secret


The paper mill adopts the dual-line integrated operation and construction mode, which can be selected to optimize the preparation process according to the characteristics of paper mill waste and industrial waste respectively. It can not only save the equipment cost, but also get better solid recovered fuel.


For paper mill that uses 500 tons of coal a day, that's about $70,000 a day. The cost of solid recovered fuel (SRF) preparation is less than 20% of coal, saving $60,000 per day. It also solves the problem of difficult disposal of large amounts of paper mill waste and local industrial waste, achieving a win-win new ecology of cost reduction and carbon reduction.


With the call of carbon emission reduction, all walks of life have embarked on a new journey of low carbon production and green environmental protection. Nowadays, the emergence of solid recovered fuel (SRF) / refuse-derived fuel (RDF) Preparation technology has provided the option of solid waste recycling, which not only solves the difficult problem of solid waste treatment, but also responds to the call of national low-carbon strategy to realize the value of solid waste resources and environmental protection effect.