Bag Breaker


Product introduction
Bag Breaker

Harden’s bag breaker is an automatic bag breaking machine with anti-blocking and anti-winding patented design. The plastic bags need to be processed is fed into the bag breaker by conveyor belt. Within the bag breaker, the main shaft and second shaft relatively rotate to each other to realize the breaking of plastic bags in kitchen waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) on the premise of not destroying the valuable recyclables in the bag, so as to facilitate the effective separation of materials in the subsequent sorting equipment.

Scope of application
Municipal Solid Waste
Municipal Solid Waste
Legacy Waste
Legacy Waste
Kitchen Waste
Kitchen Waste
Sorting cases
Product parameters

Capacity Design (T)25-35(Based on municipal solid waste0.35t/m³)
Motor Power(KW)45KW+11KW
Main Shat Rotating Speed (RPM)6-29 Variable frequency speed control
Second Shat Rotating Speed(RPM)5-16 Variable frequency speed control
Machine Dimension(L*W*H)3.46*2.17*1.81
Machine Weight(T)6750

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