Bulky Waste Recycling Disposal System

The bulky waste recycling disposal system provided by Harden is suitable for recycling disposal of large batch waste mattresses and sofas. After two-stage shredding procedures of double shaft shredder and four shaft shredder, the combustible within the bulky waste will be fully separated with the metal. The shredded material realize the maximum recycling value through magnetic separation and granulation, etc.


The whole automatic system can entirely replace manual dismantling with higher production efficiency and create higher recycling profits, realizing the development from harmless disposal to recycling disposal.


Replace manual dismantling and increase processing capacity
High automatic degree and stable operation
Several sorting processes realize waste recycling
Technological process
Slat ConveyorSlat Conveyor
Slat Conveyor
Double Shaft ShredderDouble Shaft Shredder
Double Shaft Shredder
Dust Removal SystemDust Removal System
Dust Removal System
Conveyor BeltConveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt
Four Shaft ShredderFour Shaft Shredder
Four Shaft Shredder
Wind ShifterWind Shifter
Wind Shifter
Magnetic SeparatorMagnetic Separator
Magnetic Separator
Handled Material
Bulky Waste
Handled Material
Bulky Waste
Finished Products
Finished Products
Finished Products
02.Wood Block
Finished Products
Wood Block
Finished Products
03.Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF)
Finished Products
Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF)
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