A set of industrial solid waste and paper
mill waste recycling treatment system
has been put into operation

With the rapid development of industrial economy, a large amount of industrial solid waste has hindered the sustainable development of urban and rural construction. How to treat these industrial solid waste harmlessly has become the urgent demand of most waste producing enterprises.


In order to help the green development of solid waste recycling, reduction and harmless, an environmental protection enterprise has reached cooperation with Harden which provides targeted disposals for the recycling treatment of industrial solid waste and paper mill waste.

Discharge Performance of Industrial Waste and Pulper Rope


These two systems can effectively prepare industrial solid waste and paper mill waste into solid recovered fuel (SRF), which can be used in cement plants, thermal power plants and coal-fired plants, etc., greatly reducing the coal consumption of coal-burning enterprises, improving their operating profits, and reducing carbon emissions. At present, two sets of resource treatment systems have been formally completed and put into operation

Industrial Waste Recycling Disposal System

The system can prepare industrial solid waste such as leather scraps, cloth scraps and waste fabrics into SRF, with a capacity of up to 13 tons per hour.


The whole processing system adopts the two-stage shredding concept, and then the magnetic separator removes the iron metal, which ensures SRF with the particle size of 50-100mm to satisfy the standard rate of more than 95%. SRF can improve the combustion efficiency when be used in cement plants, thermal power plants and other terminals, so as to reduce the waste of resources and improve the utilization rate of resources!

Paper Mill Waste Recycling Disposal System:

The system can fully separate the ferrous metal from the combustible SRF by secondary shredding, screening, iron removal and other processes. It is highly automated and ensures discharge size under 100mm, with a capacity up to 15 tons per hour.


In the context of global carbon emission reduction strategy, how to reduce, recycle and harmless disposal of the solid waste generated in the production process is a difficult problem faced by every manufacturing enterprises.


Harden continues to focus on technology research and development to provide customers with targeted one-stop solid waste disposals, building waste resource industry chain for carbon emission reduction.